Cottonwood Heights Stats

Miles from Park City: 30
Minutes from Park City: 40
Miles from Salt Lake City: 16
Minutes from Salt Lake City: 23

History of Cottonwood Heights

Big Cottonwood Canyon was the main source of logs and lumber for the as well as the main source of granite for the building of the Salt Lake Temple and many other buildings. The canyon also housed many minerals such as gold, lead and silver. Because of this high traffic, soon there was a store, post office, brewery and tavern along Big Cottonwood Creek. Now most of these mines have been converted to recreation areas and salt lake ski resorts such as Alta.

Cottonwood Heights was also the home of the old Deseret Paper Mill. It was built in 1861 to provide paper for the Deseret News publication. It was an huge pioneer/settler undertaking. Paper making machinery was hauled across the country wagon trains, and the mill flourished. It operated for many years, providing employment for the locals and paper for the salt lake valley. Eventually the mill caught fire and was destroyed. It was never rebuilt as the railroad had come to town and provided paper at a much cheaper cost.

Cottonwood heights is in a highly unique location. It boasts amazing mountain and valley views along with quick access to the city and ski resorts.

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