Park City Stats

Miles from Salt Lake City: 33
Minutes from Salt Lake City: 40

History of Park City

Park City is not just a great city nestled in a beautiful mountain retreat, it is an experience. What was once a silver mining town on the verge of extinction is now a resort town that caters to celebrities and those looking for a niche community that will change your life.

In 1862, Many US soldiers/experienced saw the mountains of Utah and the promise of precious metals in the soil. They spent a lot of free time to explore the Wasatch Mountains and Oquirrh Mountains. They found a bed full of silver and lead in March. In December 1868, the first mining claim is presented in Park City. Area quickly became famous for the quantity of precious metal lying on the ground. Many people came to the region to work in the mines, and many people became very rich in mines.

Although Park City had much success it is marred by difficulty. Park City suffered devastating forest fires in 1882 and a fire that burned down all of historic main street. It was the biggest fire in history Utah.

Meanwhile, the mines soon stopped producing any silver and lead and Park City faced economic disaster. The Park City real estate market was in ruins. Soon after the inhabitants of the mountain town realized that there quaint mining town could be a great source of recreational activities including skiing and snowmobiling. There was still a fortune to the capitalization of recreation in the mountains near Park City.

In 1963, the people of Park City built a Mountain Resort, which was a great success. Today, this station still exists today and is called Park City Mountain Resort. Over the years, Deer Valley resort and The Canyons Resort Park City opened as well making Park City one of the few resort areas in the country that has three station resorts within five miles on the other.

Park City offers more than skiing for recreation. He became a recreation area throughout the year. It is a wonderful destination for golf, horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, hiking and hunting. Park City is known as an ideal place for winter activities like skiing, heli-skiing and snowmobiling. There are two sides to this city that make it one of the best places to visit in the state of Utah. Park City has the appearance of a picturesque town and mining of the nineteenth century and is a modern alpine ski resort. Park City real estate is completely different then Salt Lake City Real Estate. Call Kevin now at 801-205-1263 for any question you may have on Park City real Estate.

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