Salt Lake City Stats

Miles from Park City: 31
Minutes from Park City: 42

History of Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City was founded on July 24, 1847, by a group of Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) pioneers who were searching for a place to escape religious persecution.

The story goes that Brigham Young, leader of the Mormon pioneers, reached a clearing upon a hill and laid eyes upon the Salt Lake Valley and said, “This is the place.”

The pioneers settled and soon began plans and development of what would become the state capital. They called it Salt Lake City, named after the Great Salt Lake.

The city is built on a grid system which makes it easy to navigate. The center is Temple Square which coordinates are 0 north, 0 south, 0 east, and 0 west. It goes out from there increasing in all directions so an address that is 100 S. 1200 E. is a block south from temple square and 12 blocks east. Once you get familiar with this grid system it is quite easy to find any Salt Lake property.

If you are looking to buy a home in Utah and like the excitement of living in a big city but are tired of all the traffic, crime and other cons that come with most metropolises’ then Salt Lake City is a perfect fit. Salt Lake City real estate ranges from luxury condos at attractions such as the outdoor gateway mall, to cozy cul-de-sac homes in the salt lake avenues.

Salt Lake City is surrounded by attractions and benefits. The University of Utah is nearby as well as many retail centers and cultural art venues. Transportation is easy with Trax, Salt Lake City’s mass transit light rail and although downtown parking is adequate most of it will require a meter or fee station so be prepared.

Salt Lake City is the perfect real estate opportunity for those looking for affordable real estate in a exciting concrete jungle.

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