South Jordan Stats

Miles from Park City: 41
Minutes from Park City: 52
Miles from Salt Lake City: 17
Minutes from Salt Lake City: 27

History of South Jordan

In 1859 Mormon settlers Alexander and Catherine Lince Beckstead, entered the South Jordan valley. The Becksteads quickly began developing the area with irrigation and they also dug and built the Beckstead Ditch. The ditch, which still exists today from 12600 South to 10600 South, brought water from the Jordan River to the many crops to the fledgling South Jordan settlements. The ditch also provided water to power the White Fawn Flour Mill, the first mill in South Jordan. Farmers would trade there crops to the mill for flour, cracked cereal and feed for the animals.

South Jordan became incorporated as a town in 1935 and most residents were farmers. Horse property and suburban housing gradually started to replace farmland and South Jordan became known as the “East” West side because of the property value and neighborhoods.

Today, South Jordan is home to the LDS Jordan River Temple as well as Daybreak and a bustling commercial district. South Jordan prides itself on preserving its natural beauty.

South Jordan homes are usually very open floor plans with great price per square footage. They usually have plentiful yards and are perfect for families looking for a community with small town charm.

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