Buying A Salt Lake City Home

Buying a home is a major investment. In fact, it is the largest investment most people make in their lifetime. In today’s information-overload world of ours, it can be difficult for homebuyers and sellers to stay informed. However, it is imperative that anyone who is planning on buying or selling Salt Lake City real estate, Park City real estate or Summit County real estate to do a little research to make sure they understand all the options available to them in today’s market.

Salt Lake City real estate and Park City real estate has changed over the past decade and there are many strategies hoveowners and sellers can put into action to save them money. As a real estate agent practicing in Salt Lake City, Park City, Summit County, Salt Lake County, and other areas around Utah, I make it my business to stay ahead of the real estate information curve. I also pass on my expertise to my clients so that they win too.

If you have any real estate questions you need answered quickly and honestly, give me a call.

Before The Move
  • Reading of gas, electric, and water meters.
  • Cancel telephone, electric, newspaper, and other services and deliveries.
  • Inform your utility companies of where you would like the final bills mailed.
  • Have your refrigerator and other appliances services for the move.
  • Contact the utility companies in the city you are moving.
  • Ask them about necessary fees or deposits required for installation of services.
  • Send change of address cards to your local post office, magazines, insurance companies, friends, and stores.
  • Transfer your fire insurance on household goods or other insurance on personal possessions so that they will be covered at your new home and en route.
  • Notify the principal of your children’s school about your intended move.
  • Get a letter from him/her covering the status of your children in school.
  • Notify the pastor of your church that you are moving.
  • Obtain birth records and baptism records of all family members.
  • Get medical records.
  • Transfer your checking and savings accounts.
  • Have your present bank arrange credit references for establishing new accounts in your new town.
  • Arrange for sufficient cash or traveler’s cheques to cover the cost of expenses until you make banking connections in the city to which you are moving.
  • Leave keys for your old property with your REALTOR or neighbors.

Mortgage Calculator

This calculator calculates U.S. monthly mortgage payments based on principal, interest and term. U.S. mortgages are compounded monthly.

Simply enter all the numbers above the Calculate Buttons, then push the “Calculate Payment” button.

This calculator is provided for your convenience. It is to be used as a guideline only. Always rely on your mortgage loan officer for exact mortgage calculations and qualification information.

Term (Years)
Yearly Interest Rate (%)
Principal Amount ($)
Downpayment (%)
Downpayment Required ($)
Mortgage Principal ($)
Monthly Payment ($)
Still Owing at End of Term ($)

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